Quivers was started by two friends, Roland Verdugo and Steve Connolly, who share a passion for surfboards. It was really a culmination of two major problems that we found in the industry. One being that it is hard to know if a board will work for you before you buy it. There are so many new technologies, shapes, and brands out there today that finding the right board can be incredibly daunting. With prices always going up on new boards, it is a scary thing to pull the trigger on purchasing a new board, knowing that if it isn’t quite right for you, you are going to take a major hit reselling it.  The second problem that we were sick of was traveling with boards. With airline board bag fees being what they are today it can cost as much for you to bring your board with you as it does to buy one once your there. We wanted to have a shop that traveling surfers could forget about the hassle of bringing their own equipment knowing that there would be premium boards available to them upon arrival.

About Roland Verdugo

I grew up in Anaheim and only started surfing in 2008 when I was in my late 20’s. I believe that a lot of people who grow up surfing or start when they are very young do not understand how hard it can be at a later age to get the hang of it. My first board was way to small for me and I struggled on it for quite a while before I saw improvement. Having a place like Quivers where I could have tried different shapes, sizes, and volumes would have greatly increased how quickly I was able to succeed. Since I started surfing it has become a primary focus in my life and has encouraged me to travel around the world to explore new surf destinations. After spending 13 months in Indonesia and traveling with a giant surfboard bag I knew that I wanted to start Quivers to help make it easy for people to find the right surfboard no matter what your skill level is, and also to prevent the hassle of lugging around surfboards and avoiding airline fees by having multiple locations around the world.

About Steve Connolly

I grew up on the east coast and am actually the first surfer in my family. I was lucky enough though to grow up at the beach and begged my parents to get me a board. 20+ years later and it has completely directed my life in more ways then I can list, from traveling all over for surf to eventually me relocating across the country so that I could surf more. I have always had a creative mind and have been very interested in surfboard design since the beginning. I’ve gone through hundreds of boards trying them out for a brief time and then selling them to try something different all the while keeping track of the minute details of how they were different and preformed. This eventually led me to shaping my own boards which I have been doing regularly for the last 8 years. When Roland came to me with the idea for Quivers I thought it was brilliant as this type of store is exactly what I always wanted but did not exists. Because of my extensive surfboard knowledge I believe I am the perfect guy to help you find that next magic board.